Blood Draws

Blood Draws

Blood Draws services offered in St Louis County, Overland, MO

If you need blood draws on short notice or prefer to undergo blood testing from the comfort of your home or office, see the experts at My Blooming Health in Overland, Missouri. The skilled medical specialists offer walk-in, and mobile in home blood draws for patients including pediatrics. Call the office or book a visit online to schedule an in-office or mobile phlebotomy appointment today.

In home lab draws

What are blood draws?

During blood draws with My Blooming Health providers, they take a sample of your blood and use it for disease screening, drug tests, or overall health evaluations. The practice offers the following services that may require blood draws:

  • Cholesterol screenings
  • Nutritional screenings
  • Gender DNA testing at eight weeks of pregnancy
  • General health screenings
  • Employee wellness panels

Blood draws screen for vitamin deficiencies, hormone imbalances, diabetes, high cholesterol, and many other diseases and their risk factors.

What is the cost with My Blooming Health Lab?

  • Homebound is $45 and reimbursable by most insurances when we enroll you into our reimbursement program.
  • Non-Homebound starts at $55. 
  • Walk-in lab is $15 with MD orders and Insurance
  • Walk-in lab pricing varies if paying out of pocket for labtests
  • Walk-in lab is $25 for most kits.
  • Gender testing is $149

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How do I prepare for an appointment?

With My Blooming Health Lab, you have three options.  #1- Have a doctor's order: if using your insurance and homebound, your paid service fee may be reimbursable through our program. If  you're using insurance and NOT  homebound, you will only pay our service fee.

#2- You have a specialty kit: Call or go online to make your appointment. We will handle the rest. Please be mindful if you open your kit to not displace any contents.  Freezing your ice packs are optional as we can replace them with ours. We will process and ship the same day.

#3- If you're not using insurance or a doctor's order, we have a partner site with discounted labs you can sign up for HERE!  Print your requisition and call us to schedule.

I have additional labs ordered by my doctor, can you draw those also?

Yes, If able, let us know in advance all blood work you need done and we will draw them at the time of the appointment.

Are blood draws right for me?

You may make an appointment for private paid lab work oor bring in your doctor's order to use your insurance for your lab tests.

You might need blood draws for various reasons. Your doctor or employer may recommend blood draws to screen for diseases or drug use. You might choose blood draws to evaluate unusual symptoms, determine which IV vitamin therapy is best for your needs, find out the sex of your unborn baby, or undergo paternal DNA testing for personal reasons. 

Your My Blooming Health specialist reviews all options with you to find one that best suits your needs, preferences, and lifestyle.

What should I expect during blood draws?

Blood draws are simple, quick, virtually painless procedures. You simply rest in a comfortable chair while your provider cleans the treatment area and gently inserts a tiny needle into one of your veins to take a sample of your blood.

If you undergo vitamin infusions, they infuse nutrients and fluids into your bloodstream to help you feel better, have more energy, recover faster from hangovers or intense workouts, and reduce the risk of nutrient deficiencies and medical complications.

What do my blood draw results mean?

You may receive the blood draw results immediately, later the same day, the next day, or within a week. Your My Blooming Health provider discusses the results with you and may recommend additional diagnostic testing, treatment, or a referral to a medical specialist. 

They provide you with a copy of the results and send results to your medical doctor, employer, or other professionals as needed.

To take advantage of blood draws at My Blooming Health, call the office, schedule an appointment online, or walk in today.