Refer a new client

If you need to submit safe information about a new client, you may use this FORM. However, this does not schedule or approve them for a visit. Our team will reach out to you and the patient. 

Clinical Lab

 With My Blooming Health Lab, you have three options.  #1- Have a doctor's order: if using your insurance and homebound, your paid service fee may be reimbursable through our program. If  you're using insurance and NOT  homebound, you will only pay our service fee. #2- You have a specialty kit: Call or go online to make your appointment. We will handle the rest. Please be mindful if you open your kit to not displace any contents.  Freezing your ice packs are optional as we can replace them with ours. We will process and ship the same day. #3- If you're not using insurance or a doctor's order, we have a partner site with discounted labs you can sign up for HERE! 

DNA Paternity &

Baby Gender testing

You'd rather not wait until a 20-week ultrasound to know the sex of your unborn baby, see the specialists at My Blooming Health in Overland, Missouri. Find out the paternity of your child during the appointment if needed. Offering DNA Paternity testing starting at $180 Positively reflect and know the father of your child by testing with My Blooming Health specialists.  You can learn the paternity during pregnancy, after birth or for an adult child.