St.Louis Drug Testing

Our service overview

Drug abuse in the wdrugsorkplace puts employers at a risk of increased accidents, more absenteeism, lower productivity and higher insurance costs.

Available to small and large businesses as well as individuals just needing know if their system is clear from certain drugs.

One time $35 set up fee for new company sign on and allow 5-7 business days. Once your account is set up, we are happy to test your employee within 24-48 hours during regular business hours.  No set up fees for individuals.

What are the advantages of on-site testing?

My Blooming Health Mobile offers ON-SITE testing of employees. Meaning, we come to your place of business to perform the specimen collection. This saves you MONEY and TIME. Companies that already have a testing program incur expenses that are not realized in their current program costs. These include: Time the employee is away from work to go off site to test, lost productivity (increased production cost) and wage expense. Also, if you allow the employee to travel unsupervised, the employee has opportunity to engage in tampering or adulteration of the sample.


Your company, large or small, can trust the fast, dependable employment screening services developed by My Blooming Health. Using industry expertise and advanced technology, our innovative solutions will give your company the resources with the highest quality results it needs to implement screening practices that will enhance your applicant experience. Let us help you set up a customized screening process that’s easier to operate and manage within your company’s unique platform. Trust My Blooming Health to facilitate a faster, more accurate screening process for your company in real-time, from anywhere, at anytime using secure, online resources.

Confirmations will be performed on all positive or indeterminate screens at an additional charge

Non DOT testing means you are not subjected to regulated testing. A Non-DOT employee drug testing and screening simply means an organization does not need to follow the DOT regulations when setting up their program. The main differences between DOT and Non-DOT programs is in the use or non use of TPA (Third Party Administrator) and MRO (Medical Review Officer) services.


Urine Testing

Urine testing is the most common screening method and detects recent use, typically in the previous one to three days.


Hair testing is able to detect a pattern of repetitive drug use for up to 90 days.


An oral fluid test will often detect drugs in a donor’s system immediately after use.


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