Mobile Phlebotomy

We Will Bring the Lab to You!

What to select when scheduling:

In home lab draw– Select if you have a routine blood draw. This process is no different than you walking into a clinic with the exception of the hassles of getting there and waiting.

Specialty Kit– Your physician gave you or had a kit (boxed) mailed to you that contains items for your blood draw process. 

DNA or Paternity testing– Select this if you are wanting this type of service.

Personal Drug Screening-Select this if you are curious as to what your drug levels are. Whether you are looking for legal or illegal drugs. This may be a urine test or blood draw.  Employers are not to schedule their staff via this link.  Employers can click here to start their on site Drug monitoring program.


Do you take coumadin/warfarin?  Having difficulties getting back and forth to have your blood drawn? Call us to see if we can help?

Foods high in Vitamin K that may impact your coumadin levelsread more

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