Drug Screening for Individuals

In and out in less than 15 minutes!!! We Bring the Lab to You!

Unlike some other test methods that take a few days to process, My Blooming Health Mobile provides instant results. As soon as we have your sample, we can test it and immediately detect metabolites of any of the substances you have selected to test for. We do recommend that non-negative tests be treated with care and undergo a lab verification analysis, taking 1-3 days. 

 Drug Screening Options for Individuals

  • Instant Results Urine Drug Screen 14 Panel: $74

The price of Positive results tested for confirmation at no additional cost.

  • A 5 Panel Urinalysis Drug Test Screens For: $49

The 5 most popular drugs

  • A 9 Panel Urinalysis Drug Test Screens For: $63

Drugs included in the 5 panel +

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